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Dindings threatened with RM100 mil suit - JAD MAHIDIN

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 18: The Malaysian Muslim Consumers’ Association (PPIM) is planning to sue chicken meat producer Dindings Poultry Processing Sdn Bhd (Dindings) for RM100 million for its failure to discharge its responsibility towards consumers, particularly the Muslims.

The association’s executive secretary, Datuk Nadzim Johan, told The Malay Mail the move was a warning to other players as such disregard for the beliefs of Muslim consumers have been going on for too long.

“We are determined to file the suit before Chinese New Year. The move is also to forewarn others out there not to take advantage of Muslim consumers’ ignorance about the food they produce,” he said.

He said religious authorities had found the chickens not properly slaughtered according to Islamic requirements.

On Dec 28 last year, a team from Jakim’s enforcement unit had conducted a surprise check at Dindings’ processing factory in Kampung Acheh Industrial area in Setiawan.

The team was assisted by the enforcement unit from the Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs Ministry.

During the raid, Dindings was found to have breached a few Islamic regulations pertaining to the slaughter of animals.

Among the most obvious breach was that many chicken were found to have been slaughtered twice after the first attempt was not done properly as per the ‘syarak’ requirement.

In Islam, this automatically makes the chicken ‘haram’ and should not be consumed.

Nadzim said the suit will be about Dindings’ failure to exercise its duty of care to consumers, particularly Muslim consumers.

“This duty of care is provided for by the law. The producers (Dindings) must take all the necessary steps to guarantee that their products are what they claimed,” he said.

In this case, he explained, Dindings failed to guarantee that its products are ‘halal’ as claimed.

Following the raid, Jakim retracted its ‘Halal’ certification from the company. The move was announced on its web site www.halaljakim.gov.my dated Jan 3.

However, about two weeks later, Jakim gave Dindings the go-ahead to continue business when the latter assured that the problems would not recur.

Jakim’s decision, however, leaves many baffled as the Perak religious authorities (JAIP) is said to be in the midst of retracting all its 12 ‘halal’ certification from the company. (Jakim issues certification for products while the JAIP issues for the company’s operations)."

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