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Our Research: Carbon Nanotubes

R&D Finding and Claims

1. The Carbon nanotubes produced by our technology are as good as those produced by other technologies.

2. The capability of this technology in producing high value Carbon nanotubes has been proven scientifically by the research papers published in high impact factor journals. The selected journals are listed below;
(i) Energy and Fuel
(ii) Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research
(iii) Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry.

3. Catalyst performance is recognized by three international groups
(i) American Chemical Society.
(ii) Korean Chemical Society.
(iii) Croatian Government.
as the lowest activation energy achieved so far for this reaction.

4. This development technology ensures the minimum cost of production via an environment friendly approach for the large-scale production of carbon nanotubes from natural gas.

Commercialisation of R&D.

Name of University:
University Sains Malaysia.
Proposed project:
Single Step Production of Carbon Nanotubes and Hydrogen from Natural Gas.
Priority Area:
New Materials and Technologies (Nanotechnology)
Amount Required:
Contact Person
Name: Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Bin Mohamed
Designation: Professor
Tel: 604-5995999 ext 6410
Fax: 604-5941013

Note: When I wrote this advertisement, we are going to propose this project to MTDC (Feb. 9, 2006). We are hiring the support to build a small plant that can produce 10kg carbon nanotubes annually. Please kindly contact Prof. Dr. Abd. Rahman for further inquiries.

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